Polarity Therapy
with Deirdre Youngs

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Deirdre Youngs is a qualified practitioner and teacher of Polarity Therapy, as well as a facilitator of Prenatal and Birth Therapy for all ages.

There are many paths on the journey of healing; the essential path is the one that leads within, connecting with your “inner centre”.

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Deirdre offers the following:

Polarity Therapy - energy medicine

Useful for:

  • physical ailments
  • chronic conditions
  • relaxation and de-stressing
  • ongoing maintenance of health
  • easing pregnancy and preparation for birth
  • emotional balancing
  • spiritual emergency

Gentle and powerful – suitable for all levels of sensitivity.

Individual sessions, groups – weekly, weekend seminars, professional training.

Prenatal and Birth Therapy

Support for:

  • couples planning to conceive
  • during pregnancy
  • postnatal depression
  • babies within the family context for health or after a traumatic birth
  • adults one-to-one – wishing to bring more awareness to their early life (and ancestral patterns) in order to enhance healing, creativity and joy in their lives today


  • Talks and seminars for organisations and groups.
  • Telephone sessions for personal development and for professionals.
  • Various levels of training - can be tailor made.


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