Deirdre Youngs

Deirdre Youngs

From a small child, the journey of listening to my soul’s song led me to the world of complementary medicine at an early age. It wasn’t until my 20’s and 30’s when the song became stronger in having to deal with pain and loss that I decided to study more actively.

Out of several wonderful therapies, one stood out very boldly for me - Polarity Therapy. It provided a whole model for healing and well-being in a depth that I hadn’t experienced before. My work as a Polarity Therapist led me into wanting to share its amazing gifts and so I went on to qualify as a teacher.

Throughout my training and work I discovered that birth memories and patterns presented themselves, not only for me but also for my clients. I went on to train with Dr Ray Castellino, DC, RPP, RCST, in Prenatal and Birth Process Therapy. I spent many happy hours assisting and learning alongside Ray during the training here in England and afterwards in the United States and Europe.

My work is greatly influenced by The Diamond Approach (Ridhwan); Craniosacral Therapy; Hakomi (a form of body psychotherapy); the effects of shock and trauma; ancestral patterning; movement; and other forms of energy work.

I integrate many forms of healing and health care into my work, constantly learning, listening and experiencing.

Nowadays, I work in Norfolk in a beautiful place, facilitating the healing journey in an integrated way from pre-birth to old age. Some come for Polarity Therapy, some for Prenatal and Birth Therapy, others for intuitive counsel. I also offer telephone sessions and supervision for professionals.

I love to assist others to find their way to living the creative and healthy life that they want. In supporting, welcoming and respecting each soul as it enters this world, knowing we all have something to bring and to teach, I believe we can make a difference. We all deserve to find our place in the world and “sing our soul song”.


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