Polarity Therapy

The beauty of Polarity Therapy is that the model is grounded in universal principles and Nature and so its applications are limitless.

From the tiniest cell to the might of the cosmos there is the principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion. Polarity Therapy seeks to bring about a balance of this movement in us, using a variety of tools.

The foundation of the 5 natural elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth and the 3 “gunas” of positive, negative and neutral are applied to various aspects of the work. This is manifest in touch, exercise, diet and awareness.

Polarity was the life work of Dr Stone. He lived from 1890 to 1981. He was a pioneer and ahead of his time. He originally studied and practised osteopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, naprapathy and neuropathy. Being a true seeker of health and a spiritual man, he studied many ancient traditions of natural healing – Ayurvedic, yogic, cabalistic, hermetic and alchemic. From this great pool of knowledge and wisdom, he created this unique blend called Polarity Therapy.

Dr Stone acknowledged that just “fixing” a part of the body does not necessarily make the problem go away. Integrated with his search for the health in us, he pursued his spiritual quest. For him the two were inextricably intertwined. As he would often tell his students, “As above, so below; as within, so without.”

What happens in a session?

As a practitioner, I will listen to you and ascertain how I can assist you best during our sessions. Based upon this, I will offer some of the following approaches:


Making connections with my hands, reflexing different parts of the body. The touch may be for calming, invigorating or deep integration. It is your energy that is facilitated, whether, for example, you need to take in more, release a blockage or feel a sense of peace.


Communication happens on many levels, sometimes by speaking and listening, sometimes by body language and more. Contact, connection and awareness, at a pace which is safe and real between us can assist greater potential for your healing.


Dr Stone devised some useful exercises which may be useful in the healing process. Even one simple exercise, practised a few minutes here and there at home can make a difference in your wellbeing. The exercises, like touch, are specifically for calming, stimulating or integrating your energy.


'We are what we eat' because we absorb the energy that exists within our foods.

Based on the knowledge that we have differing needs according to our constitution, Polarity Therapy increases our awareness of what foods, and how we consume them, benefit or hinder our achievement of whole health.

Polarity promotes the use of specific nutritional principles for internal cleansing and long-term maintenance.

Further resources

The Astonishing Story of Dr Randolph Stone
(drstone.pdf - 861k)

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Working With The Life Energy by Masterworks (DVD)

Watch a short demonstration of a General Polarity Session on YouTube.

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