“It has been a rare privilege to work with someone whose integrity and attentiveness create such an environment of safety. I have felt a sense of profound accompaniment and trust – the necessary basis for exploring these tender and precious parts of our experience. Deirdre is a brave and skilful therapist.”
Jim Green, mental health worker & writer

"To work with Deirdre is a delight. To have experienced through her the healing power of Birth Process Therapy has been nothing short of amazing. It is a truly worthy experience for anybody wishing to be themselves"
JD. Mother & Marketing Professional

“In my experience Deirdre Youngs is a true healer. Her deep wisdom, her honed skills and her exquisite gentleness come with a deep understanding of the healing process and an immense compassion that is very rare. I have benefitted deeply from Deirdre's work.”
Carol Rudd MA BFVEA

As support during Craniosacral Training, I attended Prenatal and Birth Therapy for two years with Deirdre Youngs. These sessions with Deirdre were inspirational and profoundly healing.

Throughout the process I was able to ignite compassion, discover awareness and develop sensitivity for my early life and beginnings.

Deirdre's extraordinary skills, great sensitivity, utterly skilled pacing, awareness and open-hearted compassion are truly inspirational.
Thank you, Deirdre. Amanda Nelson, RCST

"The session with you was like water in a desert and I am very grateful."
A practising doula

A brief case history

After the birth of their baby, Samantha and her husband settled into a happy routine. Six months later, for no apparent reason, Samantha felt "low", lost her sparkle and didn't want to socialise.
The whole family had already benefited from Polarity Therapy, so Samantha called Deirdre. After a couple of sessions of gentle touch and consultation, Samantha said "I felt my body come into alignment. I feel a million dollars!"

Her postnatal depression did not return.


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